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"Every writer to a certain extent in his writings shows itself, often against their will" - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. It's really true. If deeply analyze the works of a single author, you can keep track of the similarities among the various protagonists of novels. These same features can be found at the author. But it is not only the author associates himself with the protagonist. The same does the reader, quite unconsciously. Reading the book, we are well aware that this story is in no way concerns us personally. But be that as it may, we truly experience the feelings and emotions attributed favorite characters. We are not just a bystander, as it happens in the movie. We become a real participant in the events, at least our brain perceives it that way. Using this opportunity for the benefit of the brain, we can safely paint your life in bright colors. With the help of various books, you can trigger the body to experience exactly those emotions, which we are not enough in reality. Whether it is the state of the light of love, or sudden bursts of adrenaline. Books are able to change our attitude 180 degrees.

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